TOP 10 Open World Games For Android FREE 2020 | Offline/Online |

Hi, If you are searching for top 10 open world android games then you came to right place. In this article we are going to tell you about top 10 best open world android game of 2020.

we are also gonna tell you their size and whether they are online or offline. and guys before we start i must tell you that we have not included any GTA bcoz they are paid games and this list is just of free games. 

1. cat simulator

So first on our list is cat simulator 2020. the game is about 70mb in size and and can be played both offline and online

In this game you play as a cat and you can roam around the open world map and can do many things like: eat fruits, fight with a raccoon or a rabbit and you can also catch a mouse. and just like a real cat you can sneak attack on them you can also find multiple missions, for that you just have to go to a farmer and he will give you a mission, like here i got a mission to catch a mouse. 

9 we have another open world game. The size is about 100mb and can be played both offline and online. you get a decent sized map here, the graphics quality is just fine biggest problem is that it has too many ads as you can see on top i have blurred some ads. Always keep your internet off to avoid ads. you can also do some missions, as you can see i came here for a mission but accidently i ran over that man who was supposed to give mission, i got confused so i tried to ride roller coaster and this happened.

The another amazing open world game. size is about 600mb and can be played both offline and online.  graphic quality on max looks really good, and one thing that i most liked about this game is the police. They just behave like they do in gta, they will kick you out of your car and shoot you. and in this game driving is also fun, you must try it out.

the whole game is based on desert and it's a open world Survival game its about 200 mb in size and can be played offline or online. in this game you have to discover new location with you Airshipt and you can also Modify that according to your need and level. here you can find a lot of abandoned houses with some loot in them, along with some weird creatures and the scariest is this big snake this game is a desert based third person open world shooter game. size is about 200 mb and can be Played both online and offline. In this game you play as a bounty hunter and you mission is to catch 33 most wanted criminals in exchange for money. you can do some other missions as well like horse racing, delivering goods, although the map is not very big but game runs very smooth and the game has so many cool features like you can call your horse just by whistling, and if you have to catch someone you can just catch them with rope. if you like cowboy related games this is the one you should try. our next open world game is based on taxi, the size is about 1gb and can be played offline and online. the game has 3 big maps to choose from, i also really liked the graphic quality. you can do taxi driving missions, you'll find passengers sanding of the sidewalk, and the game gives you some rules like if the passenger is sensitive than you cannot drive fast and must avoid accidents. only problem i think this game has is that you cannot leave your taxi and cannot even drive other cars and you can just upgrade you taxi in shop. if you like driving games you must try this one. 4th on our list is another desert based open world shooter game similar to gun and spur 2 but its much better, the size is about 800 mb and can be played both online and offline. and i loved the graphic quality on this one, here you can do a lot of missions, like defeating enemies, horse racing and more more different types of missions. but one thing that really surprised be was this advance fire extinguisher, take a look yourself. I was really surprised by this, guys what do you think let me know in the comments. This is the most heaviest game on our list, it's about 7gb in size You would have to download 1.5gb from play store and 4-5 gb from in game download. It can only be played online. but to be honest this game deserves that much space because this really fells like you are playing a pc game with same graphic quality and the map size is just humongous. literally i think this game has the biggest map compared to any other game on this list. you can do a lot of stuff like playing guitar, fighting, and doing tons of missions. if your phoen has 2gb ram and processor better than SD660 Than you can easily play this game. and i really loved this game so i will highly recommend this game. On number 2 we have life after a open world survival game. its about 5.5gb in size and can only be played online. on highest graphics setting the game looks just like a pc game if you can notice any lag its only in recording otherwise the game was running in 60fps the recording has some problems, but when i turned graphics to hd the recording got smooth again. the map in this game is very big as well, and you can build your own home, you can have your own dog, and a ton of missions to do The storyline is something like that there's a infection spreading which is turning humans to zombies and only few are left who live in a camp. the game also has some realistic touch to it like If you don't eat for some time you'll feel hungry. and if you stand for too long in rain you will get cold. This is personally my favorite game on this list i will highly suggest you guys to try finally we our on our number 1 game, and according to me this game is the best open world mobile size is about 2gb and can be played both offline and online. and if i have to compare this to any other game than it will be non other than gta, you can do literally anything that you have done in san Andreas. like fighting, driving around in any vehicle, and most importantly you can fly a plane as well but one thing that stands out most is the driving mechanics, its very fun to drive, you can do clear drifts, do a 180 degree turn, trust me, if you wanna experience gta for free than this game is the one you should consider. so that sums uo our todays list if you liked the video make sure to subscribe. and never miss our latest post. I'll see you guys in next video. Till then take care. 

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