Ramadan Whatsapp Status Urdu Hindi English 2020

Ramadan Whatsapp status in English

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Ramadan Whatsapp Status

“A mind that is not moving with questions, is a mind that is regressing.”

“Islam is a message of truth. We are not here in this country to be accepted, we are here to be respected.”

“Talk about God without talking about Him.” – Happy Ramadan Mubarak 2015

“The strength of the tree is not the visible part. The strength is inside, it’s the roots of the tree.”

“Wishing that Allah always blesses your family with smiles, happiness and togetherness! Ramadan Mubarak”

“The key to success is reflected in the Qur’an. May we find blessing and guidance as we recite it altogether in the Ramadan days”

“Our jihâd is battling our own contradictions and our contradictions are good because they humble us before Allah.”

Fortunate is the one which learns to admire, but not to enemy. good wishes for a joyous Ramadan and a happy new year with a plenty of peace and prosperity. Happy Ramadan Mubarak.

“Tasbeehs for Ramazan
1st =Ashra-Alhamdolillah
2nd =Ashra-Astaghfirullah
3rd =Ashra-Allahumma Ajarni minun naar”

“Docility is my desk, Respect is my clothe
Empathy is my food, concern is my drink
I spread my love towards Ramadan. Ameen”

“Eat less and think More of about Allah,
In Occasion Of Ramadan”

Isse Pehle Ki Chand Raat Ki Shaamhojaaye,
Mubarakbaad Ka Silsilaaam Hojaaye,
Bheed Me Shaamil Humaranaamho Jaaye,
Kyun Na Usse Pehle Eksalaam Ho Jaaye.
Ramadan Ka Chand Mubarak.

As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts,
may the crescent-shaped moon brighten
your path toward enlightenment and
may Allah bless you with peace and grace.
Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!

R-Roza Rakho
A-Allah Sy Daaro
M-Masjid Ko Jaoo
Z-Zakaat Baanto
A-A’mal Achee Kaaro
N-Namz Parhoo
Or Is Bande Ko Duaon Main Yaad Rakho

Raat Kο Naya Chand Μubarak
Chand Kο Chaandni Μubrik
Falak Kο Sitare Μubrik
Sitaron Kο Bulndi Μubrik
Or Ap Ko Ηumari Taraf Sy
Αdvance main “RAMZAN ΜUBARAK.

Packing Start Kardoo,
Phir Nhi Kehna Keh Batya Nhi,
Abi Kuch Din Bqi Hain,
Ramzan Ka Chand Nazar Aanain Main,
Nazar Aate Hi Aapko 1 Month Ke Liye Band Kr diya Jayega
Ramadan Mubarak 2020

Oss ny mujh sy poocha……..

Mafhoom-e-Ghalt fehmi kya hy….????
Main ny muskra k kaha, “AAP” sy…..

Musam E Barish Ki Ab Zaroorat Nhi
Mere Sheher Ko
“Ya Rab”
Keh Ab Teri Rehmatoon Mein Bheeg Jane Ke Liye
Ramzan Ki Barkatein Hi Kafi Hai..!!
Ramadan Mubarak

Labon Ny Muskorana Chor Dia Hai
Khwabon Ny Palkoun Pe Aana Chor Dia Hy
Nahi Khulti Hai Aankh Ab Tu Sehri Mein
Shayed Ap Ny Drum Bajna Chor Dya Hy..?

Whatsapp Status For Ramadan in English, Urdu

1) Raat ko naya chand mubarak,
Chand ko chandni mubarak,
Falak ko sitare mubarak.
Sitaroon ko bulandi mubarak.
Aur aap ko hamari taraf se:-

Ramadan ka chand daikha,
Rozay ki dua mangi,
Roshan sitara daikha,
Aap ki khairiat ki dua mangi,
May Almight Allah bless you with his
blessing in the holy month of Ramadan

Prayer is an open line to Heaven.
No cards to use, no low battery problem, no error,
No charging, always good signal and all messages sent.
Make prayer a habit like Texting.


Prayer is an open line to Heaven.
No cards to use, no low battery problem, no error,
No charging, always good signal and all messages sent.
Make prayer a habit like Texting.

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