Time to get prepared for big profit in every business in 2020

Time to get prepared for big profit in every business in 2020

Coronavirus risks

With people rushing to empty the supermarket shelves,  cashing out their investments and generally reacting severely to potentially getting the Coronavirus. There is a different type of getting "prepped" I suggest you take very seriously right now to protect yourself and family.

In times of uncertainty, the global economy suffers.I'm not a doom and gloom kind of guy. But the fact is... If this crash continues. Taking massive action now could be the reason you weather the storm. With warehouses, shops, schools, already closing, people and goverments canceling travel that will heavily impact tourism industries.

Lack of product availability

Retailers not getting products because of lack of product availability from China. It all means a flow on effect that people get less hours at work. Less pay, and it starts to flow further into the community. As those people start spending less too. Meaning less work for other industries. Less new purchases, less construction, and that continues until people lose jobs, lose income and experience the economic downturn.

Natural cycle of markets

I don't mean to be alarming. But it's the simple economic truth if things don't improve with Coronavirus fast. My personal opinion is that we are 2 or so years overdue for a global economic downturn. That the "good times" had already been extended. And ultimately it was inevitable we would see a slowdown as markets boom and bust every 7 -10 years. It's a natural cycle of markets.

The last bust was 2008, and I think more so than Coronavirus being the reason for a crash. It's more simply the catalyst for "the 2020 crash" that was likely to happen anyway. (if it wasn't Coronavirus.. it might have been something else that triggered it). Regardless, fear and uncertainty along with economic hardship are a perfect recipe for a downturn.

The truth is.. I hope it's not a coming. I hope they find a treatment fast.. and that the stock market, crypto markets, housing markets, retail markets, tourism markets,  all turn around and get buoyant and active. And most importantly, no more lives are lost due to the virus itself. But my gut tells me we are in for a less positive couple of months.

No matter if you have been reading my emails for 1 day or years. I want you to succeed and live a life filled with more choice and financial security. Don't wait until it's too late.. (Tomorrow might be too late...)

Online business

Here's my personal advice. Many people survived the 2008 financial crisis with the simple fact they worked online. Leaders that I know managed to not only survive the years following 2008, but prosper.
Online business being 100% global and often where people turn when they can't find work elsewhere (get a job) means you can position yourself to always rely on an income from home, regardless of economic conditions as online business expands far beyond your borders and can even grow in hard times.

There is power in it. Perhaps you are already working hard and fast to ensure you secure your online business income. But if not, it's time to ignite your business and commit to your goals.

Action plan: A focus on what's important. Build your online assets with content systems and an audience. Focus on list building, Focus on content creation, Focus on earning more every day. Take massive action starting now. Begin to protect yourself and your family financially. Start the wheels turning.

Here's what I would tell you if you were my best friend from my school days and asking me how to weather an economic storm and earn money.

1. Get into online business. (Fortunately, you already are) It's a way that you can manufacture an outcome (be in control of your results) through effort. The only thing that holds people back online is themselves. If you are committed to this.. You can earn massive income. If you quit.. well you get nothing. So... as "my best school friend" commit to learning how it works and then start implementing. It's not a free ride.. but it works for sure.

2. Focus on content creation and list building. It will trump everything else for your future income potential. The more you do that. The more you will earn.

3. Learn to leverage tools and automation. Gone are the days you have to call your prospects.. Use funnels and automation to make your sales.

4. Communicate with your new audience. No matter of its emails, Facebook, instagram, YouTube. Start building your contacts and treat them well.

I'm sure you can see the theme in those 4 points. It's about building a list of contacts that you can share your ideas and offers with effectively. You might notice it has nothing to do with a particular product or service. It's 100% about building your audience. If there is just one thing you take from this BLOG take that.

ALWAYS focus on building an audience and communicating with them. There is NOTHING more important in online business.

I know that you are reading this for a reason. You can probably tell by the news the economic situation globally is deteriorating. And that if you don't do something massive for your business nothing much is going to change other than ride a sinking ship to the bottom with the masses. So listen to that inside you and use it as motivation to push your business forward.

I can tell you there isn't a single successful online network marketer that (if telling the truth) would pick any one task as a higher priority to secure an income online, than building your audience. Again, that might be an email list, social media following, youtube subscribers...It doesn't matter. It's that you start building your asset.

I had to learn this the hard way. And I'm trying my best here to be sure you know the direction to take. Don't sit on the fence. Well, actually, the fact is. You don't have to do anything. It's your life and you get to choose how to live it. All I'm doing is recommended to the people that are listening.

what I know is the best plan of action is to secure your financial life. But, it only works for you if you work for it. Tire kickers won't get anywhere. You have to want it bad enough. You need some foresight into building an income asset for the future. It's not a get rich quick scheme.

Bussiness foundation strategy

It's a business foundation strategy. And not everyone is ready to hear that it's needed for income security unfortunately. I know what it takes to start earning online. To start by failing over and over and make no money. I know what it finally took to "crack the code" and change my life. And for that reason I wanted to bring a product to the market that helped accelerate that path for others. 

The big picture of what that looks like:

  1. Simple income and promotion: A simple way to earn online watching ads, even for free.
  2. Platform and template: A done for your marketing template to use to build your affiliate offer.
  3. Knowledge: The training to educate you and make sure you have the knowledge.
  4. List building traffic: An instant network marketing, make money from home traffic source to create leads.
  5. Website/funnel: A beautiful Funnel builder that converts and really can take anyone to success.

All in all... It has taken me 10s of thousands of dollars that I spent learning, Over $50,000 in development fees I haven't personally earned wages for over 6 months. Building this for you guys. But now, it's ultimately up to you decide to leverage it.

Anyway. That's a long email with my personal thoughts of what you should focus on right now with the current situation. If interested in taking the next step toward securing your finances.

2. To keep watching ads at HAS to earn simply here
3. Advertise and generate leads here using your awesome new asset (step 1)

I hope you do. For the sake of the coming years. I'd hate for you to look back and think. "I wish I had committed to my business back then. Spent a couple of hours learning so it would all be easier now" This could be a defining moment. And I highly recommend you push harder than ever right now to build your business audience and presence.

Don't be the person that hopes things work out. Be the person that feels secure in their income because you know it will work out due to your new skills and tools to weather any economic situation with online marketing.

Everything we have been building is designed to do exactly that. In fact. That's why we have built it in the first place.

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