How to Increase views on your tik tok (tiktok) videos with just two tricks

Hey Guys Today i will tell you , How to Increase views on your tik tok videos. If you are using tik tok for last 3 Months 5 Months or 1 Year and you are not getting views on your videos. Even you are uploading videos on regular basis but you are not getting too much views. 

So guys this blog is basically for all tik tok users. Who are using tik tok and they don't have too much followers and don't have enough views on their videos. So guys keep reading this blog till the End Because in this blog post i Will give you two most important tricks though which You can easily get Views on your videos. I will Give two fantastic tricks to increase views and followers to your tik tok account. In my last blog i have told you how to increase followers to your tik tok account. So without wasting time let's gets started.

Ok guys lets have a look first open Tik Tok app. So what you have to do Let me tell you one thing if you wanna popular on tik tok. And if you need more views on your tik tok video So you have to follow these two tips. You will definitely get more views on your videos.
How get views and followers on tiktok

1st tip 

which i experienced First 5 videos on tik tok get more views. So you have to upload your first 5 videos in best quality. Make starting videos creative and upload something different then you will get more views on your tik tok video. But after 5 videos per day after 5 videos the views will decrease. Repeat the same process next day. So you have to upload minimum 5 videos in a day. You have to upload starting 5 videos very best quality video So this tip you have to keep in your mind.

2nd tip : you have to use few hashtags which i m gonna tell you. So these are the hashtags which you have to use.
How to increase views and followers on tiktok
Use the following hashtags in each video and every day !

1st hashtag  #Featureme and 2nd  likeforlike and what you have to do use popular hashtags in your videos Countonme dametucosita use these kind of hashtags And you have to make videos on trending hashtags that is Fakestar, Rakshabandhan, triple me and there are lots of videos available in the trending hashtags so this is the featured section.

As i told you in my last blog post you have to use the same process.

  • 1) Follow the popular hashtags
  • 2) Make starting 5 videos on the popular hashtags
  • 3) Starting 5 videos are most important
  • 4) upload more creative and best quality videos then you will definitely get views on your videos 
  • 5) Make duet with popular tik tok users.
  • 6) check your notification on regular basis So that you can get latest trending hashtags and challenges
  • 7) Make duet with popular tik tok users so that you can get more views.
  • 8) Sometime another creator made a creative video then you can make duet with him/her so that your chances increases to viral a videos.
  • 9) If you are creating any video Try to use your original sound Add something new in tik tok app.

So guys these are the basic tricks through which you can increase your views on tik tok videos.

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