Check your plagiarism without Turnitin or without the Help of your teacher, instructor or supervisor

Check your plagiarism without Turnitin or without the help of your teacher, instructor or supervisor

My friend lost their whole diploma because of plagiarism even minor unintentional cases. So it makes sense that you want to check your word for possible plagiarism. You know just to make sure you have cited things properly. Make sure that your work isn’t too similar to the source of abuse and just generally be on the safe side.
Turnitin has a lesser-known sister software called which is essentially Turnitin for students.
So I use a software called Turnitin to check how similar your work is with other sources and essentially what Turnitin does it. Is it reads your whole report and highlights anything that it finds similar to other sources. It then tells your teacher the source of that highlighted portion so highlight a sentence and then say the website is from the cool thing about turning in is that it also includes password submitted by students.
Turnitin Plagiarism checker or plagiarism detector is used all over the world for education purposes. Turnitin used for anti-plagiarism. It is not free online plagiarism or free tools for checking plagiarism. Freelance writers also use Turnitin for plagiarism scanner and checking duplicate content or plagiarized content.
Some Online plagiarism checker is available on google but they are not as authentic as Turnitin. Turnitin is very important for students and for higher education study for writing thesis and research papers. Therefore Turnitin is used to avoid plagiarism and plagiarism detecting and checking unintentional plagiarism. So Professional writers use Turnitin for checking plagiarism.
Turnitin crawls on multiple search engines and on many web pages for checking similarities. So for example if you copy you know a significant portion of your cousin’s old Turnitin might have that in the database and if it matches your work it’ll show your cousin’s as the source your teacher made. Then request your old cousin’s from Turnitin usually.
They don’t but if they did they could then compare your research paper with his and see. If it matches usually teachers give Turnitin access to students but it doesn’t always work up some of them don’t give access at all so you can check your Turnitin score at all which is very dangerous.
Other teachers give the student access to turn and but only near-final submission time and this was like what my teachers did right and if you discover anything then you know if anything’s too similar in your essay it’s hard to make changes. Because the deadline is so close and also turns and has this limitation where you can only recheck yours every 24 hours.
So you can’t constantly check and make changes check changes in your submission time and also some teachers may insist on checking it for you. And if they see a high similarity score it leaves the impression that you’ve plagiarized right and even if you try to explain yourself your teacher may just make you redo your whole work.

Check your plagiarism without Turnitin just like Turnitin

All these situations are bad so if you can access Turnitin and on your own without your teacher from the beginning great but if not I have something that could help you train it and is generally available to schools and educational institutions. So you can’t just use it without a teacher however Turnitin has a lesser-known sister software called that is essentially Turnitin for students.

Check your plagirism without Turnitin or without the Help of your teacher, instructer or superviser

The cool thing is that it searches the same database it highlights the same things and more importantly it returns the same similarity score as Turnitin. The only difference is that teachers can see the source of the highlighted parts.
But you’ll know anyway right because it’s your essay and here’s the thing it costs 8 dollars to check one paper yes. You have three submissions but it’s still it’s a lot right especially compared to the free plagiarism checkers online so you might think that’s expensive but really you’re essentially full proofing your thesis and research papers.
Okay, I say something that took a lot of work you know in fact forget that you’re full proofing your IB Diploma from being accused of plagiarism and that is extremely worth it. And if you by chance use a free plagiarism checker online that just so happens to store portions of your work think about what that means because they’re not accountable to anybody right they don’t own you anything.
If they do imagine Turnitin indexes their database and you get caught for Such plagiarism. So bad things can happen so it makes sense then to use and the best part is if you can pass writecheck you can pass Turnitin it’s super simple to use.
Writecheck all you do is submit your paper it takes about 15 minutes to check and it highlights everything and matches with the Turnitin database and returns your similarity score exactly like Turnitin. So once you’ve done that it’s highlighted it tells you what parts you find similar the essay gives you a score what do you do next once you get the results.
These are some tips to fix it any highlighted portion means it matches an external source right. Make sure that you cite any highlighted portion because forgetting to cite is as good as outright copying and you’ll be charged with plagiarism so don’t leave any highlighted portions without citing.
I highly recommend, in fact, the citations. I use here I generated with that website it’s super easy or if you want to make me extra sure use the effective citing and referencing guide by the IB to make sure you cite stuff properly and IB standards alright and if you have cited but like you see that a lot of your paragraph is highlighted and it’s all coming from that one source.
I recommend paraphrasing because it may seem as if you’re copying from your source instead of synthesizing your own. You know the information and forming your own ideas. So what is important is effective paraphrasing means changing words, yes but also changing sentence structure tends length. Turnitin plagiarism checkers work all over the world.
So if your source says John bought a dog you should say a dog was purchased by a man named John. Right as it changes words and structure I’m using a super simple example no doubt but hopefully, you get the idea and if you do see significant portions of your essay highlighted right. If you see like a ton of highlights and by significant I mean a score of 30% or more after you exclude bibliography and citations.
You know use common sense if it highlights just numbers you know random numbers like 1 through 10. I wouldn’t worry if it highlights just calculations which are very known if it highlights codes no problem but if most of the highlighted portion is in your body in your main findings in the meat of your essay.
First of all, be thankful that you know your teacher didn’t see this and you’re doing this early. On so that you can do a lot of damage control and lower your score so you need to fix that because if write check is catching it turns it and will definitely catch it.
This is how you check your Turnitin score without your teacher or Turnitin right this is a great way to make sure you don’t get caught with plagiarism because you can fix your essay before your teacher sees it and also before final submission. If you were to check anything I highly recommend checking your reports, research papers, and essay because I think all of them need to go through Turnitin. While not all eyes have to go through to it and if I’m not mistaken.
Okay hopefully that helped even if you didn’t intend on plagiarizing make sure you give no chances to Turnitin or your teacher to accuse you of it and make sure you cite everything properly right
Okay if you need help let me know in the comments or email me if you want alright. Take care hope everything works out.
Have fun and thanks for reading this blog post.

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