What is Corona virus ? What are the symptoms of Corona virus ? Reasons of spreading Corona virus?

What is Corona virus ? What are the symptoms of Corona virus ? Reasons of spreading Corona virus?

Corona virus has been spreading over the last few weeks and is taking a deadly form. Till now 2062 cases has been confirmed inside China and 56 were dead out of them. Even outside China there are are 54 confirmed cases in Canada Australia and France.

 At this moment we should ask that how deadly this virus is. Okay let us first compare this virus with some other viral outbreaks such as avian flu, Ebola, SARS, and Mars. All of these numbers shows percent mortality in case of Ebola or avian flu. 

What is Corona virus ? What are the symptoms of Corona virus ? Reasons of spreading Corona virus?

There was quite a lot of mortality but till now the Enco 2019 the corona virus of novel strain has only killed four percent of the infected persons. That means how deadly it is it does not look so deadly should we worry at this point of time.
We should ask that if there any treatment is there any reaction or does our body fight back against the virus. What is the situation it turns out the World Health Organization has pointed out the risk factor could be very high even though the mortality reported so far is low and only 4% but the risk factor is high because many of the cases. 

There are individuals who are infected but not yet dead so the mortality might increase. So but it also not true that if you are infected by this virus you would always die because our immune system would try to protect our body from this kind of virus attack right. 

But the biggest problem is let’s say you are an infected person and you sneeze or cough in public and later on some other people go from the same route.
These viruses are actually present in the aerosols and when you breed that aerosol it enters your lung and it can affect you. So this is the big problem that means if you are infected knowingly or unknowingly if you do sneezing coughing etc. 

In public there are ninety percent chance that the some of the people in the public would be affected by this virus. So it can spread dramatically as it is airborne. Now the biggest problem is there are many people who are infected but not showing any kind of symptoms. 

It is deadly because if you are not showing any symptom you might not report your case to the hospital and that’s how the government might not know about it but people who are infected might be very more than estimated so this is the big problem and also them in.
When the more mortality is concerned at this particular point of time the virus might not be able to kill all of the people. Who are infected but in future the number may vary that is why this virus is spotted out to be a high-risk virus. 

Now you should wear specific masks but not the mask you wear for to avoid the pollutions these masks would only protect you some from some big particle and there is a particle cart off.
So these are not the recommended masks well they’re the recommended masks is in 95 viral protection masks which would prevent a virus to go out or new virus or aerosol driven virus to come in right will protect yourselves. 

But 95 mask has another problem with in 95 mask the gaseous exchange is very low and limited so it can be a problem for people having breathing problem already. 

So it is only way by which you can prevent yourself from getting contamination from the air now. Let’s look at how corona virus affect our lungs inside our lung.

There are small sacs these are known as alveoli these are al filled sacs and outside of that there is a contact of blood. Now these blood vessels are actually getting the oxygen which we breathe in in our lungs and these oxygen is distributed all over our body. 

So this gaseous exchange that is taking place in the alveoli is super-important but in case of corona virus infection our lung gets severe inflammation. 

Now this inflammation is a good thing in terms of protection our body would try to protect by alarming the immune system but at the same time few damaging incident would also happen in our lungs our Airways would be clocked by thick mucus and it would be hard to breathe and it would be problem for gaseous exchange.
Moreover many dead cells dead immune cells and fluid would be accumulated in the alveoli and this would be totally filled up with pus and it would hinder the process of gaseous exchange. 

When the virus enters and infect one lung cell there are mechanisms inside our body which involves cytotoxic killer t-cell to kill that viral infected cell. But the problem is once the cell is infected by the virus nearby cells can also get infected by that particular virus because virus grows rapidly inside a host cell and makes it makes itself ready to prepare other cells in the vicinity. But the cell which is infected is pretty intelligent every human being would produce something called interferon interferon an alarming signal.
Which tailed a nearby cell that something is wrong in this cell now this particular cell has no option to leave it will die. But it would send an alarm to its neighbor its neighboring cell would undergo specific signal transduction pathway. 

Which ultimately produce antiviral molecule which would interfere with viral reproduction process or viral assembly processes and thereby this particular cell which is present in the near vicinity with the help of interferon can get immune or get action against these virus infection.
So don’t think your body is just like a sitting duck your body is trying to fight back against these viruses and many of the cases the body wins and that is why hundred percent of the cases you don’t see a mortality. 

The mortality is only four percent yet so your body is fighting back but you might also ask that if body is fighting back then why there even four percent dip. Now it depends upon the viral titer you don’t know how you are getting the infection or what type of aerosol you have prepped now. 

This aerosol might have a huge load of virus or might have a low load of virus so the viral titer inside your lung is very important if the viral titer is so high our body’s immune system would fail to protect it and then comes the danger. But in case of low titer our body can really fight back against this virus and there is a chance for recovery.
So the best thing that we can do is take rest keep ourselves in isolation such that we don’t spread this infection and while we are infected and our immune system is trying to fight in this sensitive period. 

We should not get exposed to other pathogens it would create the situation even more complicated now Chinese government has really made a lot of effort to create these isolation chambers. Inside the hospital which would prevent the spread of these viruses and specially the Chinese medical team has done incredible job to prevent the virus spread. 

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